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The Hotel Coolidge is a good value for Groups because the prices are moderate to begin with and the presence of an enthusiastic, native born and experienced innkeeper is a value-added feature. The staff at the hotel has been serving groups as a team for years now and they embrace their role with care and concern for the guests. They like what they do and each group is welcomed with genuine excitement.


Figuring out how to put an outing or retreat together is a special task. The added benefits of Unique Ideas, Itinerary Planning, and Knowledge of the Resources available are a part of any event at the Hotel Coolidge. Innkeeper David Briggs makes sure of that from the time the event is conceived until people are on their way home.

Quotes and Planning Figures for those considering a group outing can be obtained on short notice from David Briggs. A toll-free call or an e-mail gets the process started and within a short time you can learn of the many possibilities and the package costs. Sometimes this can be done on the phone while you wait.


Innkeeper David Briggs brings over 15 years direct experience with Motorcoach Tours. He integrates his seventh generation roots with the packages offered by the Hotel and then customizes each and every stay. This results in stays that are well timed, an excellent value and sensitive to the interests of your group. From start to finish a stay at the Hotel Coolidge is fun, interesting and comfortable. Our whole staff will be very happy to have you stay with us!

MAP Pricing

Packages are developed as you want them. Typically Motorcoach packages are priced with Dinner nightly and Breakfast each morning and Baggage Handling. Added features include entertainment, on-board guide service, pre-paid tickets to attractions, and detailed itinerary planning.

Food service is full service and includes your choice of plated meals or buffet style. A full range of other services is available such as hospitality room set-ups and specially arranged party foods, wine and cheese tastings and Welcome Parties.

Hub and Spoke

The Hotel Coolidge located in White River Junction makes it ideal for Hub and Spoke touring. We offer the "Green and White" packages which bring a day of touring in Vermont's Green Mountains and a day of touring in New Hampshire's White Mountains.

As you enter or leave our region you may bring added comfort to your group by staying more than one night and venturing out from here. This adds the benefit of getting "settled-in" and avoids having to pack up one more time.


The attractions in our Upper Valley Region are so numerous we can offer a Mini-Tour for those moments upon arrival or just before you depart. A very popular choice is to have the Innkeeper take the group on a 20 minute loop around the idyllic campus of Dartmouth College.

Itinerary Planning

The Upper Valley region comes alive with thoughtful planning of each day on the road. As you enter and leave the area many possibilities exist that will add real value and enjoyment to your trip. David Briggs can assist with the choices you make to realize this benefit and... keep you absolutely on time.

On-Board Guide Service

Being your Innkeeper often means we fully engage with the group to personally take you to the places you have chosen to visit. Add the fact that this is the life- long home of David Briggs and the stories and anecdotes bring the countryside alive with appealing interest.


Nightly entertainment is brought by an unexpected level of talent residing in the area. It ranges from one-person shows to storytellers to troubadours. Also included in the list of possibilities is hands-on fun such as crafts and dance activities. These choices are customized to the preference of the group.

Thematic Tours

These programs bring out the impressive range of historical and special human achievements rooted in our Upper Valley region. Call us to discuss what each one does. We can offer a whole week of programming or tailor it to the length of your particular stay.

  • The Nature of Vermont
  • Glory Days of the Railroad
  • Window to History - Life in the Connecticut River Valley
  • 19th Century Innovators
  • The Coolidge Story
  • From Forest to Farm: Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller